Download LARETRAD FormsSTEPS FOR MAKING A COMPLAINTFollow our steps for making a complaint:Pick and fill the complaint form from any LASRETRAD office nearest to you or DOWNLOAD THECOMPLAINT FORM by clicking on link below.Any field marked with an asterisk must be completed before submission.Complaints can only be accepted if they are in this form or in writing with supporting documents.You can mail or deliver the completed form to us at, LASRETRAD, 2A, Adekunle Banjo Avenue, Shangisha, Magodo, Lagos, Nigeria. +234(0)8033067946, 01-8448145.

ESTATE AGENT APPLICATION FORM:At present and with effect from 2nd January, 2013, if a person or organisation wishes to apply for a license, he/she must first obtain the following documentsThis can be obtained by application to LASRETRAD or you can DOWNLOAD THE LASRETRAD LICENSE APPLICATION FORM by clicking on link below. Applicants must pay the prescribed fee of N5000 to any of our designated banks.The applicant is required to submit the completed application form deposed to by an affidavit and an acknowledgment certificate will be issued to the applicant.Tax clearance certificate must be obtained from Lagos State Internal Revenue Service’s to prove that your tax is up to date.